You are so much more creative than you think!

   For many children, being creative comes very naturally, they explore and try out new techniques with out really thinking about it. It also encourages them to fully express themselves without judgment.

   Sadly as we grow older we tend to hold back on our creativity and feel scared to freely express ourselves in case others judge us. This then leads onto us judging ourselves and then making decisions based on what we think someone else would approve of.

   I agree with Pablo Picasso when he said “ Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”.

   I want to help you overcome any personal judgments and resistance you have about being creative and to help rekindle that creative flame that is inside you just waiting to be lit. 

   I provide a safe and nurturing space where you will explore with the colours, textures and shapes that are calling to you. I help guide you with techniques that will give you the confidence to really have fun and express yourself with the paints.

  Many studies have shown how being creative relives stress and quietens the mind. Taking time to use our hands and minds to do something that we enjoy is so important for our quality of life. As we create we allow space to access our thoughts and feelings and begin to have more clarity of our inner processes. When we develop our own ideas free of judgement we learn to trust and respect our inner self. This then gives us a confidence in our work that then carries over into decisions we make in other areas of our life.

   Creativity has no rules, give yourself permission to be creative, have fun, explore, reconnect with your child self.

   I want to be able to give you the confidence to go home and carry on creating in your own space.

   I provide all the paints and materials you will need for the session and you will take home your own canvas that you have worked on.

  Individual session 3 hours ( with tea/ snack break) - £50

   Small group sessions - please contact me if there are more than just one of you wanting to do a session and we can discuss fees.


What Is Conscious connected breathing?

What Is Conscious connected breathing?

What Is Conscious connected breathing?

Conscious connected breathing is a powerful and safe technique providing space to rest/restore, delve deep and find inspiration for inner growth


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What Is Conscious connected breathing?

What Is Conscious connected breathing?

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What Is Conscious connected breathing?

Frequently asked questions

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