Connecting with nature and yourself

   Come and experience inner peace and tranquility as we walk together in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside through open fields, deep woods, flowing rivers and rolling hills. 


   Appreciating the elements while letting our thoughts blow free. Taking time to really slow down and see the details in nature, noticing dew drops on a blade of grass, the  silhouettes of trees, the subtle change in seasons, listening to bird song, feeling the wind on our face and the grass under our feet. Breathing deeply the fresh air.

   All of these help quiet the mind and bring peace to our soul. We will take time to walk, savouring nature in all her glory. Noticing the landscapes and then coming back to our breath, opening our senses and feeling connected to the earth through our feet on the ground. Returning to ourselves.

   I offer individual and group walks where I will support you on a deeply nourishing, relaxing and connecting journey. 

   We will be embracing all the elements, so wear comfortable clothing.

   I also offer a creative session at the end of the walk. We will come back to the studio for tea and I will provide the support and all the creative materials for you to express your experience of the walk in what ever way flows from you. This may be in the form of a canvas and paint, mixed media or weaving, which you can then take home.

   Please contact me as walks can be tailored to meet your needs or if there is more than one of you wanting to come we can discuss costs.

   Willow is our family dog who is also a therapy dog and depending on your wishes she can join us.

One to one walks:

two hour- £20

One to One walks with creative session

three hour-£60

Group walks:

Please keep an eye out on Facebook for up coming events.


What is conscious connected breathing?

What is conscious connected breathing?

What is conscious connected breathing?

Conscious connected breathing is a powerful and safe technique providing space to rest/restore, delve deep and find inspiration for inner growth


What I offer

What is conscious connected breathing?

What is conscious connected breathing?

Explore what I offer to nurture the souls of children, teenagers and adults.


Frequently asked questions

What is conscious connected breathing?

Frequently asked questions

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