Nurturing children and teenagers

    For the past 20 years I have worked as a teacher, Early Years advisory teacher and Forest school leader. During this time I have studied extensively about the importance of emotional well being and brain development in young children. 

   I regularly run training days across Bristol, Bath and Wiltshire for nursery practitioners, helping them understand the impact they have on children’s well being and how they can support them.

   I am passionate about the well being of ourselves, our children and our teenagers. Through integrating my skills as a breath-work practitioner, Early years specialist, Artist and Forest school leader, I offer individual and group sessions tailoring them specifically to meet your child’s needs.

   When working with children, I incorporate fun creative activities from painting on large canvases to building fires together. This helps build their confidence and self esteem while relaxing into the creative process. This often allows the space for them to express any worries, anxiety or stress which they may be feeling, we can then gently work together where I will introduce a variety of breathing and mindful techniques. 

   Being able to feel in control of our breath is a skill which is invaluable through life. To be able to learn this skill at a young age gives children the confidence to manage their emotions. The impact that conscious breathing has on the body and mind can support children to bring calmness and ease into their daily lives in a society where general stress and anxiety seem to be continually rising. 

Children are often experiencing sensory overload which can lead to them feeling distressed, out of control, over-whelmed and not understand what is happening to them and why. This is when the ‘flight or fight’ response takes over, increasing the heart rate, making breathing fast and shallow and flooding the body with stress hormones ready to escape or fight the perceived danger. When gripped in this response it is very hard for children to slow down and become calm,express feelings and think rationally. 

   When we pay attention to their breath and breath deeply, we move out of our ‘ sympathetic nervous system ( fight or flight) and move into our parasympathetic nervous system ( relaxation, restoration and receptivity). This branch of the nervous system induces calm and relaxation and sends signals through the body and brain that all is well and safe. In a place of calm children are more able to access and strengthen areas of their brain which helps them understand and manage their emotions. 

For more information please see the article I have written in the Snapdragons Nursery magazine.

Teenagers have an unseen amount of pressure on them these days and there is a significant increase of young people suffering from anxiety and depression. I hold a safe and nurturing space for emotions to be expressed and worked through. Incorporating creative activities, deep relaxation and learning specific breathing techniques into the sessions gives them time to fully relax and switch off from the outside world which can be hugely beneficial.

   Every young person is unique so I tailor the sessions to each individual need.

   Please contact me to discuss a session with your child and session costs.

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What Is Conscious connected breathing?

What Is Conscious connected breathing?

What Is Conscious connected breathing?

Conscious connected breathing is a powerful and safe technique providing space to rest/restore, delve deep and find inspiration for inner growth


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What Is Conscious connected breathing?

What Is Conscious connected breathing?

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What Is Conscious connected breathing?

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