The process Janey guides you through can be life changing...

“My breath work with Janey has been, and continues to be amazing. I have had insights into myself which I wasn’t consciously aware of. Janey holds a safe and nurturing space which leaves me with confidence to go deep into the process. Emotion is welcomed and supported. What happens in Breathwork is profound and very difficult to put into words. The addition of sound healing which Janey brings in just helps the whole process  go deeper and always seems to be just at the right time! (I don’t know how she does that!).

The process Janey guides you through can be life changing. I highly recommend if you are willing to take the plunge!”


...thoughtful and intuitive...

“Janey is a very thoughtful and intuitive teacher, who makes you feel special. She has opened me up to my ability to stop and breathe - it has been a wonderful journey so far, and I look forward to continuing our work together.

Janey  is  a  warm,  gentle  and  welcoming  presence,  and  I  really  value  the  relationship  we  have  built...  I  feel  I  am  being  kinder  to  myself  now,  regularly using  grounding  thoughts  from  our  sessions  when  I  need  them.”


I have more belief in myself…

“After six months of breath sessions with Janey, I have more belief in myself. Janey’s calm aura, empathy and understanding meant I was completely relaxed and at ease in the tranquil surroundings, enabling me to fully immerse myself in the techniques of breath-work.

I feel I have the tools now to handle stressful situations and my anxiety is so much better. I look at things differently and I don’t worry so much about things out of my control.”


Janey is professional...

“My first breathe with Janey was a very good experience. Janey is professional and explains the whole process in a simple and supportive way. The room is very cosy and I felt safe, supported and comfortable. I left the session feeling extremely relaxed, and look forward to the next time.”


I felt the benefits

“I  had  12  sessions  with  Janey  which  I  found  massively  positive  and  welcoming  to  taking  time  out  of  busy  days.

I  felt  so  at  peace  afterwards  and  so  rested  and  just  felt  brilliant  taking  the  time  to  focus  on  my  body,  mind  and  wellbeing.

I  felt  the  benefits  straight  away,  feeling  more  in  control  and my  anxiety  levels  and  stress  eased.

I  immediately  felt  a  ease  with  Janey  who  is  very  professional  and  clear  with  instructions  and  brilliant  at  taking  me  through  the  Session.

Janey  is  so  calming  and  reassuring  and  it  was  a  pleasure  to  do  the  sessions  with  her.”