How breath work become part of my life

  My name is Janey Mondal and I feel honoured to be teaching and supporting clients through connecting with their own inner wisdom through their breath.

Although I have practiced breath-work in the form of meditation and yoga since my early twenties, it wasn’t until 2010, when I experienced a Conscious breath-work session, that I really understood the deep power my own breath could have.

   I had a traumatic experience and was receiving counselling which helped put me on the path to embrace what I wanted to understand about myself and the situation. Once I turned to receiving regular individual conscious breathing ‘rebirthing’ sessions this started a profound journey into my own personal healing.  

  During 2014 I decided that I wanted to train as a breath-work practitioner and by October 2015 I had started my training with ’The AIR school of breath work’. Lead by my amazing teachers, Doug Sawyer and Brigitte Martin Powell, I delved deeper into my journey of understanding the power of the breath. They also held a nurturing space where I was able to be open and vulnerable, from this place I have over come many fears and old patterns that weren’t serving me and now have a confidence in myself that I never new before! I qualified in March 2018 and have continued to assist on the training modules that they offer.

   I have been together for ten years with my beloved partner, Rad.  He is also embarking  on his own breathwork journey by attending retreats with The Air School Of Breathwork. 

   I feel blessed to be able to share my knowledge and skills in breathwork with my clients. 


My Qualifications

AIR Diploma of Breathwork (

Member of the British rebirth society (

Member of the International Breathwork foundation ( 

B Ed degree with Art - Winchester University

Level 3 Forrest School - Bridgewater College

Pediatric First Aid Level 3

Mental Health First Aid Level 3

Enhanced  DBS  certificate  (for  working  with  children)

Advanced  Safeguarding  &  Child  Protection  Certificate

Early  Years  Professional  Status  2008

Fully Insured with Balens Insurance


Working with children

For the past twenty-five years I have worked professionally in the early years sector as a teacher, manager, Forest school leader, advisory teacher, child development expert, early years staff trainer, and more. I also have my two boys aged 15yrs and 13yrs.

I have spent many years researching and delivering training on the brain development and emotional well being of young children. I currently spend one day a week supporting the well being of the staff in ‘Snapdragons nursery’ schools ( , which includes giving them time out of their busy days to experience guided breathing sessions. I am also producing and rolling out a  breathing and well being program for the children.


My love of nature and Willow our Therapy dog

Willow came into our live during April 2015, bringing with her an abundance of love, joy and fun. She is a gentle and characterful dog and people seem to adore her when they meet her.

I have always loved walking, but having Willow has encouraged me to daily connect with nature on long walks, finding new paths through the hills and valleys in this beautiful countryside. I enjoy connecting with my breath as I walk, it brings a deeper awareness of my surroundings and a sense of peace to my soul. Willow has received her certificate to be a Therapy dog with PAT (pets as therapy)  charity This means she comes with me to care homes and also the university to help calm and de stress the students. 


Music and sound in my space

I have grown up with a love of music and sound. I play the piano, and I am currently teaching myself the piano accordion. Over the years I have collected some beautiful sound instruments such as drums, chimes, flutes, rattles, singing bowls etc.  My cousin, Katherine Collinge ( is an amazing musician and is a qualified sound therapist in Cornwall. She has inspired and guided me with using these beautiful instruments for the well being of my clients.


My life in India

     In 1997 I decided I wanted to see India. I packed my small bag, booked a flight and traveled there on my own. I spent a whole year travelling to all corners of the country, experiencing all the craziness, beauty, despair and love that is India. I came back to the UK a year later having probably had the best year of my life and knowing I wanted to go back and work there in some capacity. 

I heard that there were Bengali refugees that had been resettled in the centre of India and were in need of help with their school. After connecting with them, I decided to go and see what I could offer. I took the flight to Delhi, then after a 24 hour train journey and 6 hour jeep ride, I made it to the refugee villages in the very remote, jungle area of Chuttisgarh. I stayed in the local ashram, which was a small mud hut. It soon became apparent that they were expecting me to build a school. So I managed to buy a piece of land, quickly learn to speak Bengali, work with the villagers and members of the ashram, raise funds through contacting friends and family back in the UK, and by 2002 the villagers and I had built the school. 

The school is flourishing still, with 400 students. Some of the first students that came in 2002 went onto college and have found good jobs to support themselves and their  families and are still in contact with me.  I also set up a medical clinic and outreach  units which have proven to be a life line to the community. 

During the 6 years out there I became immersed in the rich culture and made many friends in the refugee villages. I return to  India to visit friends and  family out  there and see how the project is doing.